29 Sep 2014

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Simple accordion in jQuery

-accordion in jQuery

require class: toggle-content //main class
require class: accordion accordion-close //slide div ya any content
require class: head // You content label
require class: toolcontent // your content here

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Improve Your Online Business With Advanced Magento Concepts

Realizing great business development features for your ecommerce website with latest Magento apps will prove to be most effective to you in the long run. Excellent quality features too are included on an additional basis providing you with the desired benefits in an exact manner that you anticipate the most. Latest concepts reflecting Magento development services India in an effective  are available to you with increased sophistication due to which you realize optimum benefits.

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Get bestseller products filter by category id

Get Only 10 Prodects
Magento already uses bestseller products aggregation that can be checked under Admin > Reports > Products > Bestsellers. Thanks to this aggregated data we no longer need to determine the total of all the orders to see which products are sold the most. By the variety of aggregation data we’re able to get the most popular products not only from the beginning, but for each specific day, month or year

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Best Reasons To Prefer Magento Development With Maximum Features

Understanding the importance of Magento developers India will let you come across the best results in an exact manner that you expect the most. Multiple benefits are realized to the core with the consideration of numerous options offering you best results in an exact manner that you anticipate the most. Akshar IT Tech PVT.LTD is one of the reliable firms for the provision of crucial services as far as Magento ecommerce applications are considered due to which you get to organize your priorities as per the given situation. Perfect realization of numerous features for more business is best possible to you in this regard. Maintain your website with valuable concepts included offering you the desired benefits to the core.

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