The Real Time Usability of iPhone Apps we Develop

Recently Apple comes out with manifold new inventions due to which the iPhone applications earn the noteworthy popularity to the users worldwide. Keeping this in mind we at Akshar IT Tech Pvt. Ltd introduce the beneficial solutions accumulating the technologies supporting the iPhone apps. Our skilled professionals acquire the complete expertise knowledge developing the classy

Comprehend the Utilities of Android Apps Akshar IT Tech

The increased use of smart phones today represent the worldwide familiarity of technology amid which the Android OS comes out as the most popular terms that people get in hands. Therefore, Android devices gain the extensive recognition where one can easily install the desired Android Apps that come out with the advanced options. We at

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Setting up admin users and roles in magento :

Step 1: 1)Add a User Role From the Admin panel 2)select System > Permissions > Roles. 3)Click the Add New Role button. 4)In the Role information area, enter a Role Name. 5)On the left panel, click the Role Resources tab. 6)Use the dropdowns in the Role Scopes and Role Resources areas to provide access for this

Add India states in to magento


Magento Post :

How to Call Category’s Subcategory in Particular Category.   Create  CMS Block in Magento. Here call your brand.phtml file. Like Below Code.