Setting up admin users and roles in magento :

Step 1:

1)Add a User Role From the Admin panel
2)select System > Permissions > Roles.
3)Click the Add New Role button.
4)In the Role information area, enter a Role Name.
5)On the left panel, click the Role Resources tab.
6)Use the dropdowns in the Role Scopes and Role Resources areas to provide access
for this user role.
7)Click Save Role.

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Magento Post :

How to Call Category’s Subcategory in Particular Category.


Create  CMS Block in Magento.

Here call your brand.phtml file. Like Below Code.

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Easily change default magento text and labels

Easily Change Default Magento text and Labels

1). A much easier alternative to that would be to enable Translate Inline via the Admin Module.
2). After logging into the Admin select System > Configuration
3). Select the Default Store View under Current Configuration Scope.
4). Under the Developer tab enable Translate Inline for Front-end.
5). Save the Configuration and you are done!!

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