Promote Your Business Online With Diverse WordPress Features

Excellent features could be obtained through WordPress tools such as attractive themes, custom templates and valuable plugins because of which the importance of wordpress development company India has increased to an optimum extent. Creative blog development in realtime will let you come across the desired features that expect the most. Progressing in the competitive world of business by highlighting your features and concepts in detail will ensure that you experience maximum benefits in an exact manner that you anticipate the most. Akshar IT Tech PVT.LTD is a pioneer in the provision of such services for your advanced needs always.

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Realize Multiple Benefits Of Hiring A WordPress Developer

Creative business development with the inclusion of maximum features will help you in reaching your organizational targets in a prompt fashion. Effective concepts associated with WordPress development will work towards your requirements because of which you experience more profits in a less span of time. Seasoned WordPress developers are known to work upon your requirements in a unique manner due to which you realize more flexibility. By preferring to hire wordpress developer India in a timely fashion, you explore multiple benefits with reasonable ease for sure. Young entrepreneurs who are interested in becoming successful in the fields of IT and ecommerce are the biggest beneficiaries in this context.

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How to Import Posts from a Text File into WordPress

Here is a simple method that you can use to import news, posts or content from a text file into WordPress.

This script assumes the text data file has each post on a separate line with fields separated by a |. This is how most flat file news scripts store data. It also uses the php tidy extension to clean the input before inserting into the database.

If you need to import data from a different source, all you need to do is include the wp-load.php script and use wp_insert_post to insert post.

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