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Mangeto Ecommerce Solution India Magento is an open source programming platform which makes it adjustable to create a fully functional online shopping business comfortable. Magento is a very impressive and fast growing eCommerce web application framework in the present craze. It was developed and launched by Magento Inc, formerly known as Varien. It was completely developed using Zend Framework which works together with PHP and MySQL as database.

Paypal revealed on February 2011 that we were the 49% stakeholders of Magento Inc. In 6th June 2011, Paypal declared we fully get Magento Inc. Magento allows merchants to build open source eCommerce enabled store shopping websites and delivers both free of charge open source software and a paid enterprise version. On 2nd February, 2012 Magento passed 4 million downloads of it’s software platform.

Is Magento an extremely elegant platform?

Yes, Magento is an elegant platform due to its versatility, scalability and adaptable via it’s modular architecture. Magento is a leading platform in ecommerce business web sites / online business. It provides ecommerce solutions and modules, designed to assist businesses to grow and be successful online. Magento eCommerce platform were being broadly utilized and trusted by more than 150,000 online retail enterprises, including a couple of the world’s leading brands using Magento framework.

Larger eCommerce Web sites

Magento shopping cart is the greatest eCommerce framework to develop multiple stores. Magento leads the ranking for best eCommerce framework with 24.8% of all online shopping cart web sites running with the help of Magento. One of the major benefit of Magento is it’s flexibility to suit for any online businesses including smaller eCommerce websites to large multinational online businesses for example Harvey Nichols and Samsung. Many companies have started using the platform which makes it stronger in the global open market.

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